Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loss of Innocence

I wonder , at times ,  Did it all commence

With the delayed advent of adolescence

 For the first time in my life

Rising hemlines thrilled my eyes

All my past crushes I'd blamed on cupid

They seemed trifling and I felt stupid.

I had always been good at curves and figures

but this was no maths … still

 My love for learning was never so profound

I was full of vigor and had time to kill

My favorite online haunt - wikipedia

was soon overruled by chickipedia

 With Raging hormones and a voracious fire

 I ruined myself with digital desire

 Endless possibilities now hovered in my mind

 What could do i  with mephisto in my kind?

Enlightenment - I'd attained something divine

For now i could read between the lines

 All the jokes and puns id missed

Came back to me and i was pissed

Revelation - with just a little stimulation

What risque simulations my mind could contrive

I could catapult myself to frenzied highs

I could erupt with joy , I could come alive

For one whose only sin till date

had been ravishing a chunk of dark chocolate

I was pretty well damned ...

I struggled to hide my perverse side

I battled with the demon inside

but to no avail …. I failed

I phase in and out like Jekyll & Hyde

Lets face it , I am no saint

I ate the forbidden fruit & I feel faint

For my imagination begins to race

whenever I see a pretty face.

I act like a stray canine

whenever I see a plunging neckline

There are moments and feelings that I treasure

For I am not averse to sexual pleasure

Don't condemn me for my cravings

I refuse to curb my basic instincts

I am innocent to the bone

 it wasn't me who created testosterone

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ignited Rhymes

- An ode to the poet

Nothing stirreth the poet’s soul
Like a melancholy heart.
On the ocean bed,
A red hot coal
Supports a tiny flame.
An expression that sprinkles light
In the darkest of all nights.

Nothing doth fuel this fire
Like burning passion & seething desire
A mist of feelings, a storm of emotions
O what a riot of colors these notions inspire

Wheeze ! Crackle ! Pop goes the fire
A few wisecracks and a dose of satire

Crimson , now scarlet see how flourisheth the fire
T’is a song of homecoming
Behold the British Bard as he sings
Enthralls the audience with the strain of his lyre

O ' Tragedy thy touch hath lent
The flames a flamencoesque movement

O' Listen to the drums of heaven

T’is the dance of death
A dirge that lights the pyre

If the wrath of the devil were to fall
This verse would attain a diabolical attire
For the Rage of Angels would be terrible
O ‘twould be a blazing inferno of ire

A world of unknown sensibilities
An odyssey of epiphanies
T’is not words that poets play with
Poets play with fire.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tummy Times

Aah .. back on familiar terrain
That odd feeling of pain and drain

The hum of the motor
The gurgling sound
The pop of the champagne
And bubbles abound

A heaven sent chance
To lose a few kilos
To binge on bananas
& rest your bum on pillows

To eat delicious khichdi
Curd rice and honey
& to drink to your heart’s content
Loads of nimbuu paani

Its like baseball
Without any doubt
You hit and you miss
By strike three you are out

I shudder to think
What a homerun would be like
& that old phrase comes to the mind
“ A stitch in time saves nine ”

To dispel all loose notions
What I’m talking of is …

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


- Limericks straight from the heart

Once in batti there was a dassi
And everyone thought he’d do a depc
But because of his philandering ways
Lady Luck ditched him & in second sem he failed
Now he drowns his sorrows in Tall Glasses of lassi

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Mary had a little sheep ,

And with the sheep she went to sleep.

The sheep turned out to be a ram -

Mary had a little lamb .

                                                   - anonymous

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Great Indian Tamasha

When the entire country is in a frenzy
& all eyes are glued to the TV
IPL viewership dramatically falls
News channels steal the TRP’s

War like cries light up the streets
Markets come alive and dance to the beats
Banners shout and papers scream
Flags fly high & party workers beam

Floods of SMS’s inundate the mobile
Jaago re campaign picks up in style
Melas and concerts lose their charms
To Rallies , Rath Yatras and char dhams

Politicians regress back to nascence
Play with mud & then take offence
Allegations and Accusations abound
Alliances crumble , new fronts come around

For writers and cartoonists , Its party time ..

Creative freedom that comes
Without any strings attached
To blight their panache

And even as
Poets plot & caricatures connive ,
At the drop of a hat
The Sensex nosedives

To keep the adrenaline flowing
Sultry actors join the fray
As all hell begins to break loose
EC tries to keep things at bay

And on the fateful day ..

The nation screeches to a halt ..
Heavens bow and the earth trembles
When half a billion people exercise
Their right to Adult Franchise

Uncertain skies herald the night
The stars shine down
As they witness the sight
History unfolding before their eyes

For those who stroll
In the corridors of power
Its Elation , celebration
Fireworks and flowers

But for other souls and minds
Empty promises and broken hearts
Are all that are left behind

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Like bluebells , snow leopards and mango rains
You seldom find a girl with both beauty and brains

A look so fresh when she would enter the hall
Felt like spray flying from a waterfall

Enchanting eyes that sparkle and shine
Like those of a fiesty feline

If Helen’s face could launch a thousand ships
Her smile could make as many heartbeats skip

Hair tousled up in a dream
Like a cascade flirts with the waters of a stream

Long tresses that would make Rapunzel blush
In kindergarten she might have been every boy ’s crush

Poise as graceful as a ballerina in a ballet
In two words she is femme fatale

She is like irish wine
Priceless and more ravishing with time

Exuberant , so full of life
Sharp and svelte like a Swiss knife

Down to earth yet so divine
Powerful yet so feminine

Visionary leader with the will to defy
In professional circles she’s the “Iron Butterfly”

But beneath lies a person you find hard not to like

So here’s raising a toast to a girl who gives you a high
Fare thee well O Iron Butterfly

Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Affair To Remember

When I saw her at the auto expo night
I knew it would be love at first sight
Vintage , seductive and bewitching
Dressed in black she looked stunning

I dreamt of driving with her in the moonlight
On smooth , silky roads zooM into the night
And then by a twist of fate
One day she became my date

Like a dashing and winsome wife
She took me by storm and hijacked my life

As she lay unveiled before me
I gasped ! captivated by her beauty
My – what a figure
Her curves acted like a trigger
She shot me straight at the heart
Her body was a canvas I could see the art

She was so responsive
She set my soul free
Her touch was orgasmic
She was made for me
Her acceleration accentuated my desire
I was ecstatic , she flamed ny fire

As fast as a ferrari , as silent as the sea
All different facets of her personality

Even in the most treacherous paths of life
A cushion of air she could provide

A s i rode in the lap of luxury
I said to myself – I love my new Audi

CSL 102

My favorite course is CSL102
what goes on in class , i don't have a clue
We squabble over the definition of algorithm,
we compose notes , but there is no rhythm .

The other day , the prof said that given a group of girls ,
All were bound to be brunnetes with curls
"Now does this violate induction ?"
I said “I can disprove this by explicit construction."

He is the only prof i've met , who despite being sane
can talk about Madhuri,Motorcycles and Matlab in the same vein

In the matter of assignments
he has set new precedents
In order to ensure
that the course is not a bore
we learn a new language for every chore
So , while the TA can't tell a hash from a hyphen,
we are made to struggle with camels and pythons

He apeaks with an air of nonchalance
i like the way he takes attendance
while we mull our brains over a trifling code
he takes three snaps of the class on his iphone
Though i suspect he is not too keen
for why would he then be so mean
to say that –
"One day i'll mail the jingbang lot to the dean ..."

He does'nt mind if we are late
but given the creaky door , we have to compensate

After setting a @$%## paper,
he quickly turns the table
by telling us that it was do-able

A master at personification , his words seem to imply
For he calls his programs " This Guy .."

There is no doubt that Professor Suban
is truly an amazing man
For he would rather we dance naked in the class
than make an attempt to cheat and pass .

But what i like about him the most
what really does take away the toast
is the way he says " Dud - a - dud - a- da .. "