Saturday, September 26, 2015

Unrequited Love

Last night - I see her again 
She is engaged to my friend 
She seems to have withered with time 
Her beauty is still etched in my mind 

We talk a bit and talk some more 
We connect like we never did before 
Her eyes are puffy, she looks strained 
The conversation dissolves our pain 

Suddenly all Jealousy evaporates
 And is replaced by a fuzzy feeling 
Somehow I feel glad 
That my love was unrequited 

The mystery and charm of the unknown 
Is far more alluring than what we own 
And I am smitten with the thought 
That some love stories are best 
left unwritten

- Charles

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love, and Other Bugs


The sun was setting at Juhu beach,

The waves lured us into the sea.. 

We flirted with the water, and soaked our tees

She caught sand in her hair

And couldn’t set it free

We walked back, barefoot, to the hotel

She slipped off her clothes and washed her hair.

We strolled down to Suzette to have some crepes,

She wore a comely dress that crept up her legs.

We were sitting a little close to the AC

She sneezed, and asked for a cup of tea

Back at the hotel, she was sniffing like a puppy

She felt a little hot and a little fuzzy

I touched her hand and it felt warm

I touched her brow and it felt warmer

I held her in my arms to examine her better

She felt a little hot, but I felt hotter

I put my lips to her neck and sensed her pulse

I kissed her till I could hear her breathe

I stroked her hair to see if it was wet

And caught a few strands within my teeth

And then the phone rang, her friend was there

We both had fever, and we couldn’t care

The phone was lost down there somewhere . .

But we had to stop… it didn't seem fair

We had to part ways, and I felt sad

And I realized with a jolt . .

Although I didn’t catch the cold

I had caught something equally bad

- Ayush M.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kinda Woman I like

Of all the women in my hotlist
Some kind I simply can’t resist

The kind that make my knees go weak
Are geeks I find to be smarter than me

The kind that set aflame my passion
Are the ones with an exotic sense of fashion

The kind with those sexy nose rings
That unnerve me when I’m working

Some kind send a shiver down my spine
Leggy lasses with disappearing hemlines

Some kind make my heart rate rally
Twin peaks with a glistening valley

The one who sets my dreams alight
Who dances in front of the mirror at night

The one with a tatto on her thigh
That plays peek-a-boo with my eye

Others who tantalize my senses
With their extensive and silky tresses

And ones who haunt me in the night
Buxom cheeks in clinching tights

But no one turns me on any sooner
Than girls with a wicked sense of humor

Of sugar and spice and an elfin spike
Those are the kinda women I like
-Ayush M

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Love at Second Sight

Poets, artists and medieval knights
Amorous strangers in the night
All swear by love at first sight.
I beg to differ.
For my brilliant mind takes respite
while processing those love bytes
I think that the notion
 Of love potions
Is not that devoid...
C’oz aren’t they just steroids
For a part of the brain
That is trained to solve love equations?
Don’t get me wrong, I admire nature
I am no less enchanted by those dark eyes
Or entranced by that shapely behind

But I simply don’t fall in love
With dimples or bosoms.
My love is borne out of reflections,
It takes a while to blossom
My heart does the thumping,
 & My grey cells analyze
I ponder over our conversation
Till a picture forms inside
People change with time
They bloom and decay like flowers
They change hues like the ocean
And so does love.
So sorry darling, if I took some time
To realize what was in pipeline
But this hindsight makes you more divine
And leaves me wondering with a sigh
What it must be like…
To kiss that neck, To nibble those ears
And to fiddle with that hair all night
For I don’t know if I am wrong or right
But I believe in love at second sight
                                                                                  - Ayush M.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Silver Oak

It happened in the spring of eighty-seven
A bonnie lass and a desi boy came together
And planted a sap which became a tree.

Nurtured by their care, pampered by their love,
It blossomed radiant hues until it bore fruit . .

Many a sultry summers, Many a harsh winters
Came and went, It grew despite all . .

Danced to the sweet monsoon showers
And stood tall
Against the test of times.
Now it's twenty five.

And every spring all hopes we bring
To see more branches flower
O tree of love, O tree of faith
We cherish your poise and power.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loss of Innocence

I wonder , at times ,  Did it all commence

With the delayed advent of adolescence

 For the first time in my life

Rising hemlines thrilled my eyes

All my past crushes I'd blamed on cupid

They seemed trifling and I felt stupid.

I had always been good at curves and figures

but this was no maths … still

 My love for learning was never so profound

I was full of vigor and had time to kill

My favorite online haunt - wikipedia

was soon overruled by chickipedia

 With Raging hormones and a voracious fire

 I ruined myself with digital desire

 Endless possibilities now hovered in my mind

 What could do i  with mephisto in my kind?

Enlightenment - I'd attained something divine

For now i could read between the lines

 All the jokes and puns id missed

Came back to me and i was pissed

Revelation - with just a little stimulation

What risque simulations my mind could contrive

I could catapult myself to frenzied highs

I could erupt with joy , I could come alive

For one whose only sin till date

had been ravishing a chunk of dark chocolate

I was pretty well damned ...

I struggled to hide my perverse side

I battled with the demon inside

but to no avail …. I failed

I phase in and out like Jekyll & Hyde

Lets face it , I am no saint

I ate the forbidden fruit & I feel faint

For my imagination begins to race

whenever I see a pretty face.

I act like a stray canine

whenever I see a plunging neckline

There are moments and feelings that I treasure

For I am not averse to sexual pleasure

Don't condemn me for my cravings

I refuse to curb my basic instincts

I am innocent to the bone

 it wasn't me who created testosterone

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ignited Rhymes

- An ode to the poet

Nothing stirreth the poet’s soul
Like a melancholy heart.
On the ocean bed,
A red hot coal
Supports a tiny flame.
An expression that sprinkles light
In the darkest of all nights.

Nothing doth fuel this fire
Like burning passion & seething desire
A mist of feelings, a storm of emotions
O what a riot of colors these notions inspire

Wheeze ! Crackle ! Pop goes the fire
A few wisecracks and a dose of satire

Crimson , now scarlet see how flourisheth the fire
T’is a song of homecoming
Behold the British Bard as he sings
Enthralls the audience with the strain of his lyre

O ' Tragedy thy touch hath lent
The flames a flamencoesque movement

O' Listen to the drums of heaven

T’is the dance of death
A dirge that lights the pyre

If the wrath of the devil were to fall
This verse would attain a diabolical attire
For the Rage of Angels would be terrible
O ‘twould be a blazing inferno of ire

A world of unknown sensibilities
An odyssey of epiphanies
T’is not words that poets play with
Poets play with fire.