Sunday, May 17, 2009

CSL 102

My favorite course is CSL102
what goes on in class , i don't have a clue
We squabble over the definition of algorithm,
we compose notes , but there is no rhythm .

The other day , the prof said that given a group of girls ,
All were bound to be brunnetes with curls
"Now does this violate induction ?"
I said “I can disprove this by explicit construction."

He is the only prof i've met , who despite being sane
can talk about Madhuri,Motorcycles and Matlab in the same vein

In the matter of assignments
he has set new precedents
In order to ensure
that the course is not a bore
we learn a new language for every chore
So , while the TA can't tell a hash from a hyphen,
we are made to struggle with camels and pythons

He apeaks with an air of nonchalance
i like the way he takes attendance
while we mull our brains over a trifling code
he takes three snaps of the class on his iphone
Though i suspect he is not too keen
for why would he then be so mean
to say that –
"One day i'll mail the jingbang lot to the dean ..."

He does'nt mind if we are late
but given the creaky door , we have to compensate

After setting a @$%## paper,
he quickly turns the table
by telling us that it was do-able

A master at personification , his words seem to imply
For he calls his programs " This Guy .."

There is no doubt that Professor Suban
is truly an amazing man
For he would rather we dance naked in the class
than make an attempt to cheat and pass .

But what i like about him the most
what really does take away the toast
is the way he says " Dud - a - dud - a- da .. "

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