Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Affair To Remember

When I saw her at the auto expo night
I knew it would be love at first sight
Vintage , seductive and bewitching
Dressed in black she looked stunning

I dreamt of driving with her in the moonlight
On smooth , silky roads zooM into the night
And then by a twist of fate
One day she became my date

Like a dashing and winsome wife
She took me by storm and hijacked my life

As she lay unveiled before me
I gasped ! captivated by her beauty
My – what a figure
Her curves acted like a trigger
She shot me straight at the heart
Her body was a canvas I could see the art

She was so responsive
She set my soul free
Her touch was orgasmic
She was made for me
Her acceleration accentuated my desire
I was ecstatic , she flamed ny fire

As fast as a ferrari , as silent as the sea
All different facets of her personality

Even in the most treacherous paths of life
A cushion of air she could provide

A s i rode in the lap of luxury
I said to myself – I love my new Audi

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