Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Great Indian Tamasha

When the entire country is in a frenzy
& all eyes are glued to the TV
IPL viewership dramatically falls
News channels steal the TRP’s

War like cries light up the streets
Markets come alive and dance to the beats
Banners shout and papers scream
Flags fly high & party workers beam

Floods of SMS’s inundate the mobile
Jaago re campaign picks up in style
Melas and concerts lose their charms
To Rallies , Rath Yatras and char dhams

Politicians regress back to nascence
Play with mud & then take offence
Allegations and Accusations abound
Alliances crumble , new fronts come around

For writers and cartoonists , Its party time ..

Creative freedom that comes
Without any strings attached
To blight their panache

And even as
Poets plot & caricatures connive ,
At the drop of a hat
The Sensex nosedives

To keep the adrenaline flowing
Sultry actors join the fray
As all hell begins to break loose
EC tries to keep things at bay

And on the fateful day ..

The nation screeches to a halt ..
Heavens bow and the earth trembles
When half a billion people exercise
Their right to Adult Franchise

Uncertain skies herald the night
The stars shine down
As they witness the sight
History unfolding before their eyes

For those who stroll
In the corridors of power
Its Elation , celebration
Fireworks and flowers

But for other souls and minds
Empty promises and broken hearts
Are all that are left behind

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