Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ignited Rhymes

- An ode to the poet

Nothing stirreth the poet’s soul
Like a melancholy heart.
On the ocean bed,
A red hot coal
Supports a tiny flame.
An expression that sprinkles light
In the darkest of all nights.

Nothing doth fuel this fire
Like burning passion & seething desire
A mist of feelings, a storm of emotions
O what a riot of colors these notions inspire

Wheeze ! Crackle ! Pop goes the fire
A few wisecracks and a dose of satire

Crimson , now scarlet see how flourisheth the fire
T’is a song of homecoming
Behold the British Bard as he sings
Enthralls the audience with the strain of his lyre

O ' Tragedy thy touch hath lent
The flames a flamencoesque movement

O' Listen to the drums of heaven

T’is the dance of death
A dirge that lights the pyre

If the wrath of the devil were to fall
This verse would attain a diabolical attire
For the Rage of Angels would be terrible
O ‘twould be a blazing inferno of ire

A world of unknown sensibilities
An odyssey of epiphanies
T’is not words that poets play with
Poets play with fire.