Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kinda Woman I like

Of all the women in my hotlist
Some kind I simply can’t resist

The kind that make my knees go weak
Are geeks I find to be smarter than me

The kind that set aflame my passion
Are the ones with an exotic sense of fashion

The kind with those sexy nose rings
That unnerve me when I’m working

Some kind send a shiver down my spine
Leggy lasses with disappearing hemlines

Some kind make my heart rate rally
Twin peaks with a glistening valley

The one who sets my dreams alight
Who dances in front of the mirror at night

The one with a tatto on her thigh
That plays peek-a-boo with my eye

Others who tantalize my senses
With their extensive and silky tresses

And ones who haunt me in the night
Buxom cheeks in clinching tights

But no one turns me on any sooner
Than girls with a wicked sense of humor

Of sugar and spice and an elfin spike
Those are the kinda women I like
-Ayush M