Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Like bluebells , snow leopards and mango rains
You seldom find a girl with both beauty and brains

A look so fresh when she would enter the hall
Felt like spray flying from a waterfall

Enchanting eyes that sparkle and shine
Like those of a fiesty feline

If Helen’s face could launch a thousand ships
Her smile could make as many heartbeats skip

Hair tousled up in a dream
Like a cascade flirts with the waters of a stream

Long tresses that would make Rapunzel blush
In kindergarten she might have been every boy ’s crush

Poise as graceful as a ballerina in a ballet
In two words she is femme fatale

She is like irish wine
Priceless and more ravishing with time

Exuberant , so full of life
Sharp and svelte like a Swiss knife

Down to earth yet so divine
Powerful yet so feminine

Visionary leader with the will to defy
In professional circles she’s the “Iron Butterfly”

But beneath lies a person you find hard not to like

So here’s raising a toast to a girl who gives you a high
Fare thee well O Iron Butterfly

1 comment:

  1. i didn't knw there was a poet hidden inside u strugglin to get out...nice work. keep it up!