Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loss of Innocence

I wonder , at times ,  Did it all commence

With the delayed advent of adolescence

 For the first time in my life

Rising hemlines thrilled my eyes

All my past crushes I'd blamed on cupid

They seemed trifling and I felt stupid.

I had always been good at curves and figures

but this was no maths … still

 My love for learning was never so profound

I was full of vigor and had time to kill

My favorite online haunt - wikipedia

was soon overruled by chickipedia

 With Raging hormones and a voracious fire

 I ruined myself with digital desire

 Endless possibilities now hovered in my mind

 What could do i  with mephisto in my kind?

Enlightenment - I'd attained something divine

For now i could read between the lines

 All the jokes and puns id missed

Came back to me and i was pissed

Revelation - with just a little stimulation

What risque simulations my mind could contrive

I could catapult myself to frenzied highs

I could erupt with joy , I could come alive

For one whose only sin till date

had been ravishing a chunk of dark chocolate

I was pretty well damned ...

I struggled to hide my perverse side

I battled with the demon inside

but to no avail …. I failed

I phase in and out like Jekyll & Hyde

Lets face it , I am no saint

I ate the forbidden fruit & I feel faint

For my imagination begins to race

whenever I see a pretty face.

I act like a stray canine

whenever I see a plunging neckline

There are moments and feelings that I treasure

For I am not averse to sexual pleasure

Don't condemn me for my cravings

I refuse to curb my basic instincts

I am innocent to the bone

 it wasn't me who created testosterone


  1. Charlie,
    You captured it all like no other could ever have or had. Best poem I've read in ma life till now..

    Kudos and keep the poet inside alive !!

  2. Goal hail thee Charlie boy!!
    An excellent form of expression, I doubt some one has ever expressed it so precisely and delicately.

    Keep up the great work !

  3. its dedicated to you , my friends who have taught me the ways of the world ! :)