Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love, and Other Bugs


The sun was setting at Juhu beach,

The waves lured us into the sea.. 

We flirted with the water, and soaked our tees

She caught sand in her hair

And couldn’t set it free

We walked back, barefoot, to the hotel

She slipped off her clothes and washed her hair.

We strolled down to Suzette to have some crepes,

She wore a comely dress that crept up her legs.

We were sitting a little close to the AC

She sneezed, and asked for a cup of tea

Back at the hotel, she was sniffing like a puppy

She felt a little hot and a little fuzzy

I touched her hand and it felt warm

I touched her brow and it felt warmer

I held her in my arms to examine her better

She felt a little hot, but I felt hotter

I put my lips to her neck and sensed her pulse

I kissed her till I could hear her breathe

I stroked her hair to see if it was wet

And caught a few strands within my teeth

And then the phone rang, her friend was there

We both had fever, and we couldn’t care

The phone was lost down there somewhere . .

But we had to stop… it didn't seem fair

We had to part ways, and I felt sad

And I realized with a jolt . .

Although I didn’t catch the cold

I had caught something equally bad

- Ayush M.

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