Saturday, December 21, 2013

Love at Second Sight

Poets, artists and medieval knights
Amorous strangers in the night
All swear by love at first sight.
I beg to differ.
For my brilliant mind takes respite
while processing those love bytes
I think that the notion
 Of love potions
Is not that devoid...
C’oz aren’t they just steroids
For a part of the brain
That is trained to solve love equations?
Don’t get me wrong, I admire nature
I am no less enchanted by those dark eyes
Or entranced by that shapely behind

But I simply don’t fall in love
With dimples or bosoms.
My love is borne out of reflections,
It takes a while to blossom
My heart does the thumping,
 & My grey cells analyze
I ponder over our conversation
Till a picture forms inside
People change with time
They bloom and decay like flowers
They change hues like the ocean
And so does love.
So sorry darling, if I took some time
To realize what was in pipeline
But this hindsight makes you more divine
And leaves me wondering with a sigh
What it must be like…
To kiss that neck, To nibble those ears
And to fiddle with that hair all night
For I don’t know if I am wrong or right
But I believe in love at second sight
                                                                                  - Ayush M.

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